Etheria: Restart

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Etheria: Restart is a turn-based Action-RPG game developed by XD Entertainment Pte. Ltd. for Android and iOS. The game is set in a neo-contemporary virtual city. In Etheria: Restart, you will fight side by side with Animus against virus invasions and explore hidden stories.

In this action RPG, human created Etheria, a virtual world to escape from the reality, to free their minds, sensations, to start a new life. Everything from skyscrapers, busiest entertainment and business districts to city parks. Beam of lights amongst millions glowing data stripes travelling in the air all come together becoming Etheria. All of it together construct a fanciful virtual world for Hyper-linkers to drift from battles to battles with the help from Soul-priest Animus allies.

You are in battle with Etheria’s urban Animus who were once ancestral angelic beings. Breaking out from average playable characters in games, Aminuses in Estheria are the virtual beings awaken from the collision between ancient myths and urban city lives. Collect Animus character cards to build up your team of force with all sorts of ethereal abilities and skills together to reveal the hidden secrets in this virtual world.

We don’t know so much about this game. We have a cinematic trailer, but a beta should be coming soon. The game is announced and in under-development stage. You can pre-register on it’s website.

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