Ensemble Stars Music

Ensemble Stars Music


Download Ensemble Stars Music, this is a male idol rhythm game developed by Happy Elements K.K for Android and iOS devices. The game has a English version for the players in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia and there are also Chinese, Korean, and Japanese versions available.

This game is one of the sequels of the Ensemble Stars series. The new chapter of Ensemble Stars Music takes place one year after the Dream Festival. At this time, some characters have graduated, and the player is no longer a transfer student of Yumenosaki Private Academy. The player became the producer of the P agency and the goal is to provide all aspects of support for the Ensemble Stars idols.

Ensemble Stars Music is mainly written by AKIRA, the renowned Japanese light novelist. Young idols set out on their journey into the world and begin to explore the entertainment industry. Excitement, hesitation, joy, and tears await on their way toward a bright future. Every day, something new in Ensemble Square pulls at your heartstrings.

Multilingual stories are available in the official English version of Ensemble Stars!! Music for a richer game experience. You can choose to read the stories in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, or Korean.

The game is available in english for US, UK, Canada and Australia. There is also a Chinese, Korean and Japanese version free.

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