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Elderand is a fusion of action-platformer and RPG that embraces the metroidvania exploration style. The devs, PID Games and Graffiti Games, are delighted to announce that Elderand is coming soon on iOS and  Android.

Arm yourself with an array of lethal instruments and abilities as you square off against imposing, bone-chilling bosses. Traverse a twisted realm draped in Lovecraftian shadows and madness. Immerse yourself in RPG elements that enable you to tailor your combat journey, from your character’s appearance to their skills, statistics, and weaponry. Navigate this nightmarish 2D domain, accumulating glory and treasure through battles that decide survival or demise.

Within this captivating world, players are bestowed with an arsenal of deadly implements, ranging from whips and swords to daggers, axes, bows, and beyond. Each weapon, whether a magical staff emitting bursts of energy or an imposing giant sword, boasts distinctive attributes and capabilities.

Elderand promises a gratifying Metroidvania-style exploration experience, replete with chilling Lovecraftian entities, all set against a meticulously crafted hand-drawn pixel backdrop showcasing opulent gothic aesthetics. The inclusion of RPG elements empowers you to tailor your journey, molding your character’s appearance, skills, statistics, and weaponry to align with your unique play style.

Discover over 60 diverse enemy types and challenge a dozen formidable bosses that await your prowess. Delve into the realm’s secrets by collecting lost letters and correspondences from past adventurers, offering insights into the encroaching darkness gripping this grim realm.

Elderand will be released on Android and iOS on September 2023. The game is premium at a $6.99 price ($4.99 promotion during pre-order and on release day).

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