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Eggy Party is a new game from NetEase Games Studio. Eggy Party stands as a competitive mobile party game that invites players into a world of creativity and rivalry. Craft and outfit your own adorable Eggy, then step into elimination-style mini games to vie against other participants for the coveted title of the last surviving Eggy. yes, it looks so much like Fall Guys.

These mini games are skillfully designed to push your abilities to the limit, challenging you to outshine fellow players in ever-evolving contests. An added dimension of Eggy Party lies within its creator mode, enabling you to construct fresh stages within the Eggy Workshop. Here, you can showcase your game design prowess and imaginative flair, granting other players the chance to partake in your creative exploits.

Eggy Party swiftly ascended to popularity on digital platforms in the Philippines, and now it’s time for a broader audience to relish the thrill of the Eggies. An upcoming closed beta phase for Eggy Party is slated for early August, exclusively available to Android users in Brazil and the United States.

Simultaneously, the global Eggy Party closed beta will coincide with the game’s latest seasonal event. This exciting event, titled “Take the Cake,” is set to unfold between August 4th and September 8th. It introduces fresh challenges, novel maps, and an array of delectable outfits, all embracing a delectable dessert theme, making Eggy Party an even more enticing and engaging experience.

The game is only available in Brazil and the United States of America, with Portuguese and English available as language options.

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