Eden Zero Pocket Galaxy

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Eden Zero Pocket Galaxy is available for Android and iPhone, this is the upcoming Eden Zero mobile game made by Konami. This is an Action RPG based on the manga series, Eden Zero. As usual, the main campaign will have moments from the manga and anime. Original side-stories are also being included into the game.

Eden Zero Pocket Galaxy is an equipment gacha game. It features the main characters of the saga like Shiki, Weisz, and Homura. We will have key moments from the manga and anime. The game will also have many original costumes to collect for all characters designed by Hiro Mashima himself.

The art and production values are really high and our heroes design and animations seems to be directly taken from the anime. They have the distinctive Hiro Mashina style, so if you are fan of his work, this game is for you. We can see it in battle where the fast paced action make us to feel like we are in the anime.

There are some visual novel elements, we can run free across the cities and different locations and talk to many NPC. The developer has made some side quest with new stories never seen before. The gacha elements comes with the weapons and it is similar to many other games. It’s too early to know if it is friendly with the Free to Play gamers.

For now, Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy requires Android 9.0 or later with a Snapdragon 845 or later chipset and 4GB or more RAM capacity. While on the other hand for IOS users the game needs iOS 10 or later with an iPhone X or further models.

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