Dynasty Warriors Overlords

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Dynasty Warriors Overlords is an excellent action game officially licensed by Koei Tecmo. The popular saga Dynasty Warriors comes to mobile devices. In Overlord we can experience one of the most exciting version of the Dynasty Warriors games.

This version is licensed by Keoi Tecmo and produced by the official original team, this game is the original restoration of the Dynasty Warriors and we can see it on the production values. The game has really nice graphics and a classic gameplay. The original artwork and the movements of the generals are all provided by Keoi Tecmo, and the most iconic generals are reproduced in high quality.

The classic Four Kingdoms scenarios are in the game: Wei, Shu, Wu and Jin are pitted against each other in the battlefield and we have to choose our best option. The gameplay is the same we all know. We choose our hero and go to the battlefield against hundreds of enemies.

There are a lot of characters on screen, great animations and impressive graphics. But beware, Dynasty Warriors Overlords needs a good mobile phone due to demanding graphics and mechanics.

Dynasty Warriors Overlords includes violence and love affair. Please be careful when playing the game for a long time to avoid getting addicted to the game. This game is free, but there are also services to pay for virtual coins and items in the game.

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