DragonSpear: Myu Idle RPG

Meet "Myu," a cute yet cynical hunter wielding a giant pair of scissors to slice through nightmares.
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Jun 14, 2024
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DragonSpear: Myu Idle RPG introduces players to “Myu,” a cute yet cynical hunter armed with a giant pair of scissors, ready to slice through the nightmares that plague her world. Myu, along with these nightmarish creatures, finds herself transported through a rift in time and space, landing in the bustling heart of modern-day Gangnam.

This game offers a unique twist on the traditional auto-action RPG format. While players can raise their characters comfortably with automated mechanics, DragonSpear: Myu Idle RPG allows for manual control during crucial moments in dungeons, providing a blend of idle and active gameplay that keeps the experience engaging and dynamic.

Embark on an epic spin-off adventure within the DragonSpear universe, where you must save Earth now mysteriously connected to the world of Paldion. Utilize modern-day technology and power to secure the ultimate license and bring peace to both realms.

The game features dynamic action based on a combination of weapons, pets, and skills. Players can obtain powerful gear imbued with special effects, collect pets with commanding skills and set bonuses, and equip the best skills to match their ultimate gear and companions. This system allows for deep customization and strategic play.

Guilds play a significant role in DragonSpear: Myu Idle RPG. Players can raise their guild level through various missions and content, creating the strongest guild possible. Team up with guild members to defeat powerful nightmares at the Guild Gate, and use guild points to collect rare and valuable items from the guild shop.

In addition to guild missions, players can hunt nightmares and prove themselves as the ultimate hunter by defeating massive monsters in the Nightmare Gate. Clear all stages and collect Nightmare Profiles to demonstrate your prowess.

Finally, the game offers extensive customization options. Players can surpass gear limitations with stylish costumes and powerful effects. Visit the costume shop to dress up in flashy outfits and showcase your style to friends.

DragonSpear: Myu Idle RPG combines engaging gameplay, strategic depth, and extensive customization, making it a must-play for fans of the genre.



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