Dragon Quest Champions

Dragon Quest Champions


Download Dragon Quest Champions. Square Enix has announced a brand new Dragon Quest mobile game, a turn-based RPG. Players can take part in the single-player story mode or participate in the tournament mode where up to 50 Players will PvP against each other for supremacy.

Dragon Quest Champions can be played alone and use the traditional command system of the saga with the aim of winning tournaments against different players. In the tournament mode we can fight up to 50 players in battles in real time; any tactic is valid to become the champion. Those who prefer a solo experience will be able to participate in the story mode and various missions.

The game tells us how the Demon King’s plan to rule the world was defeated thanks to one hero and two companions. Now peace reigns and the population is engrossed in the “Heroic Martial Arts Tournaments” that honor the legacy of the ancient hero.

Meanwhile, our protagonist from a certain town approaches to participate in the tournaments with the firm intention of achieving victory in this championship. “Only those who have won all the Heroic Martial Arts Tournaments can become true heroes. We must achieve this with our own hands,” his father told him when he was young. Can you keep the promise? Will a new legend be born?

At the moment it does not have a confirmed release date, nor has there been any talk about the possibility of a launch in Spain or the rest of the West. Dragon Quest Champions will be available for iOS and Android mobiles.

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