Dragon Prince: Xadia (Pre Register)

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Jun 10, 2024
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Netflix members are in for a treat with the launch of Dragon Prince: Xadia, an action RPG adventure set in the captivating world of the Emmy-winning series “The Dragon Prince.” Developed by Wonderstorm, the creators of the hit Netflix show, this cooperative, hero-based game offers fans and new players an immersive experience filled with epic missions and magical quests.

Dragon Prince: Xadia lets players step into the boots of iconic heroes from the series, including favorites like Callum and Rayla, as well as the newcomer Zeph. Each hero comes with unique abilities and combat styles, allowing players to hack and slash their way through adventures and dungeons, growing their heroes’ powers to take on increasingly challenging missions.

The game promises countless hours of fun with co-op multiplayer action and satisfying RPG progression. Players can unlock heroic abilities, discover legendary loot, craft and specialize equipment, and even bring pets along for quests. The game also features customizable skins to add style to the battles.

Set in the fantasy realm of Xadia, players will journey across diverse regions, each filled with unique challenges and enemies. From fighting a fiery rebellion in the lava-filled Border to disrupting Blood Moon rituals in the mysterious Moonshadow Forest, and trading blows with sky pirates in the windswept Far Reaches, each area offers unique gear and formidable bosses to conquer.

Players can sharpen their ARPG skills through combat, honing abilities, customizing loadouts, and tackling increasingly difficult adventures and dungeons. Higher difficulty levels provide better chances of collecting top-tier loot, with missions rotating regularly to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

The cooperative aspect of Dragon Prince: Xadia emphasizes teamwork. Players can invite friends to join the action or use the online matchmaking feature to form teams of up to three players, working together to overcome Xadia’s biggest threats.

Created by Wonderstorm, Dragon Prince: Xadia is set to deliver an unforgettable fantasy adventure that expands the beloved universe of “The Dragon Prince.” Download it today and embark on your journey to become a legendary hero in Xadia.


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