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Be ready for Demon Hunt Knights. An interesting roguelike shooter mobile game with pixel art and attractive story background published by Loongcheer Games for Android and iOS devices. Players will play as demon hunter who aims at defeating the demon and keeping the continent’s peace. The game has started the open beta test, and Android players can download the game on the Play Store for early access.

What about the story? Well: In a distant world, there was a peaceful continent where different races lived in harmony. However, seven demons invaded, corrupted its people, and took control of the kingdoms, leading to a devastating war between the seven kingdoms. The elite hunters fought a war against the demons. But they gradually lost ground to the demon’s relentless attacks, and each kingdom fell in turn. Now, the demon hunt will board the timeship and travel across the shattered continent to defeat the demons and launch a counter-attack.

Demon Hunt Knights is an exciting mobile game that combines elements of roguelike gameplay with a pixel art aesthetic. With its randomly generated maps and dungeons, players can expect a fresh and unique experience every time they enter a new area. There are over 100 different maps to explore, each filled with challenges and surprises.

Within the game, players will encounter a variety of features such as portals, crystal activation levels, combat arenas, and more. These elements add depth and variety to the gameplay, ensuring that players are constantly engaged and faced with new obstacles to overcome. Additionally, players will come across levels that trigger specific NPCs or events, special missions with unique objectives, puzzle-solving challenges, PvP arenas for competitive play, and more.

To strengthen their characters, players have two main avenues. Firstly, during adventure mode, players can acquire drops, gears, and partners that enhance their power. This allows players to improve their abilities and increase their chances of success. Secondly, there is a card system that offers free combination options. By strategically combining different cards, players can unlock buffs and advantages during battles. Additionally, talent upgrading allows players to enhance their character’s basic attributes and gradually unlock powerful skill trees, providing further opportunities for growth and customization.

Demon Hunt Knights looks promising, lets see how good are the devs with this game. It is available (Open Beta) for Android Devices.

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