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Demian Saga is a collectible RPG game developed by HAEGIN, a Korean studio under the giant Play Together. The game is now available for download on iOS and Android from April 13, 2023 . Demian Saga comes with a really fun collection style, you can’t miss it. This is a game that focuses on chibi girls characters under the spicy 3D design and flashy cutscenes.

“Legendary parts that any pirate who roams the world in search of treasure would hope for. Whoever gets Damian will gain the power to control time. However, the place where Demian sleeps is the plateau of innocence, which is said to be the land of the gods. It was a fantasy land that was not allowed to humans because they had to pass through the world of the disappeared night. As the cracks in the dimension cracked and the world of night appeared through the gap, Demian, who was considered only a legend, began to speak of people.”

Demian Saga comes with a sharewell system. (level-sharing system) that will allow for quick character upgrades. There will be 200-player real-time PVP content to support the simultaneous launch of up to 4 guilds. The main scene in The game is set in a fantasy world of Primeval Highlands divided into 5 continents and 5 cultures. Aisha and Jaden are the two main characters who lead players on an adventure through the land of the gods.

Demian Saga es free to download on Android and iOS. The game may include some micro payments.

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