Cube Hero Odyssey

Cube Hero Odyssey is a hack-and-slash, monster slaying roguelite, where you play as a caped hero wielding his trusty anti-fragile blade.
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May 31, 2024
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Cube Hero Odyssey is a hack-and-slash, monster-slaying roguelite where you play as a caped hero wielding an anti-fragile blade. Dive into combat with various creative build paths, utilizing both skills and passive abilities. Each playthrough offers a fresh experience as the world of Celestia is rendered in colorful, procedurally generated maps.

Unlike standard roguelites where combat feels like a bullet hell, Cube Hero Odyssey’s combat is slow and methodical. Each enemy poses a challenge, requiring you to master dodging, attack with precise timing, and strategically use your skills. Even a single enemy can be a formidable opponent.

Each round features a unique map with varying obstacles and enemies. Explore diverse landscapes, from serene greenery to fiery lava fields, ensuring you claim all available loot. Every few rounds, face colossal bosses that test your strength. Be cautious with these giants, as a single mistake can lead to your defeat.

Experiment with diverse builds and unlock powerful skills, tailoring your hero to your gameplay style for tactical advantages. The game offers three types of Mods: Skill Mods (active skills), Stat Mods (stat upgrades), and Effect Mods (passive effects). Additionally, the new Bloodlines feature allows you to choose a character archetype for a unique start with specific benefits.

Death is inevitable, but it only brings you back to round one, allowing you to retry with newfound knowledge and practice. Craft different builds as you play to tackle the game in new ways.

Conquer the cubes in Cube Hero Odyssey! This game is perfect for those who enjoy mastering complex combat systems and evolving their strategies through inventive gameplay. Cube Hero Odyssey offers a rich blend of challenging encounters and strategic planning, ideal for players seeking a deep, engaging roguelite experience in a colorful, cube-like world.



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