Crystal of Atlan

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Crystal of Atlan is an upcoming Action RPG for Android and iOS. The game is been published by Nuverse. This is a Magipunk Action MMORPG, where players become members of the Adventurer’s Guild and explore Atlan, in search of the secrets of the Crystal of Atlan, the source of all energy in the world.

Assuming the role of an intrepid adventurer, your quest involves navigating diverse regions, undertaking various mini tasks, and confronting malevolent creatures. Along the way, encounters with Non-Playable Characters will provide guidance, imparting essential knowledge about the game and assigning tasks crucial to your progression. Engaging in battles is an integral aspect of this adventurous expedition.

Upon initiating the game as a novice, the initial step involves selecting a character class to shape your gameplay. The game features a range of character classes, and this Crystal of Atlan beginner guide offers a comprehensive breakdown of each.

Choosing your class demands careful consideration of details, ensuring alignment with your preferred play style. Opt for a hero class versatile enough for all game modes. As you navigate through adventure chapters, diverse monsters will challenge your skills. As a Crystal of Atlan beginner, mastering the art of battle is paramount to overcoming these formidable foes; failure may result in defeat.

Currently Crystal of Atlan is on beta stage. Check the website for more news.

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