Cookie Run: Project B

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Cookie Run: Project B (tentative) is a new mobile casual collaborative action game developed by Devsisters Corporation. A new game in the famous Cookie Run saga. In this game, you can defeat monsters with other users in a mysterious tower and clear missions. Project B gives light, lively, and immersive combat experience through direct controls and real-time interactions between players.

Aimed to be a mobile, casual, cooperative action game, it’ll see you defeat monsters and complete missions with other players in a mysterious tower. This title will also see its own set of original cookies, and seems to be a 3D title.

Project B is a casual multiplayer action game that has been worked on since last year by the Cookie Run: Oven Break team. It began with a desire to show off the skills and actions of unique cookies, and more cute cookies in 3D were created as a result. It is characterized by casual controls and actions that take advantage of the cookie’s individuality. You can also play strategically, like defeating huge bosses. In addition to existing cookies, you can find many original cookies.

Cookie Run: Project B is expected to launch in 2023.

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