Cookie Run Kingdom

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Cookie Run Kingdom is a really nice game. A kind of it’s own. It combines the building mechanics and the gacha system. They both work for the PVE and PVP content. We have to build to get resources to make our team stronger and build our team with the “cookies” we get in the gacha part. it sounds like any other game, but Cookie Run Kingdom has it’s own merits. Right now is very popular, specially on Asia.

Graphically Cookie Run Kingdom is very simple but attractive. We have a cute cartoon art style with smooth animations and full of colors. It’s really nice to see our cookies fight, the attacks are cool and the game runs smoothly. The voice overs are really well done where each voice suits the personality of the Cookie it is attached to. Our kingdom have a lot of personality so the characters we are getting though the game.

In the end, our goal would be to assemble the best Cookie team, choosing them strategically (or guide by the META) in order to defeat Cake Monsters (more than 200 story levels). We also have a PvP mode where we can fight in a fast-paced RPG-style.

The game has a solid PvE content, we may find ourselves spending a lot of time clearing stages and we will be able to amass more resources by constantly logging in to play. Of course like many other games there is a stamina system but the game rewards active gameplay where resources can be collected on certain time intervals. A player who has a lot of time will be able to play the game more, the events are more than enough to entice its player base to login and play on a daily basis. This is really nice for F2P gamers.

The banners last almost a month, which is a long time for this type of games. We have to get a lot of resources if we want all the banners and build the cookies released. And then is where the money talks. Free players can be a little underwhelmed by people who spend a lot of money in this game. This happens in all type of games but in Cookie Run Kingdom things are not so hard for free gamers. Unless we want the top charts of PvP, we can enjoy seeing a constant growth in your team on a daily basis.

Cookie Run Kingdom is a very popular game on Asia, is one of the tops and its getting a lot of attention on America and Europe. It’s free to download to Android and iPhone and needs around 1Gb of disk space.

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