Codename CrossFire 0 (CF0)

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A new project titled Codename CrossFire 0 or Codename CF0 has been announced by Tencent Games game development studio TiMi Y3 (Tianmei Studio Group) for mobile devices.

Originally launched in South Korea in 2007, the Crossfire franchise has achieved unparalleled global acclaim since its inception. Developed by Smilegate Entertainment, this online multiplayer FPS has garnered a staggering user base of 1 billion across 80 countries worldwide.

In the Chinese market, Tencent has previously served as the publisher, and this role will extend to the forthcoming mobile version. Reports indicate that the game has harnessed the cutting-edge prowess of UE4 (Unreal Engine 4). Preliminary glimpses suggest CF0 to be a captivating blend of a 3D Shooter with a mesmerizing 2D Art Style, promising an enthralling fusion of gameplay experiences.

With CF0 currently in the throes of development, recruitment for various roles within the game’s development and marketing endeavors has been initiated. The official website hosts the ongoing recruitment drive, offering interested individuals the chance to explore opportunities.

While the game’s initial announcement pertains specifically to the Chinese iteration, it stands to reason that CF0 will eventually make its global debut following its launch in China. Given the monumental success of the CrossFire franchise, developers are poised to seize the opportunity to share this beloved IP with an expanded international audience.

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