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Cat City is a cat anthropomorphic cool urban strategy RPG game developed by Fantang Games. In this world of cats, “emotion” has become a visual material, and the mysterious cat family has transformed “emotion” into new energy, material, and even “emotional weapons” that can be used for combat. As an investigator, you lead the cat clan team to investigate the truth behind the mass of mood disorders in the city.

In the future city, the emotions are rampant, and the dark tide is surging and foggy. Cat City is a game with nice 3D cartoon rendering, flexible decks, unique battles, strategizing and team work. It’s a gacha game too where we have to find the best combination of skill cards, combined vertical and horizontal strategic operations, in a really nice gameplay.

The gameplay is turn-based RPG with card mechanics. It’s pace may be a little slow, but the animations are really cool and smooth. The enemies are well designed as our characters.

Cat City is only available in China, it can be download in the Chinese App Store or download the Android APK. You can pre-register for a Global release on TapTap.

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