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Castle Master TD is a new tower defense from Rebel Twins. Castle Master TD merges the delightful nostalgia of Tetris-like gameplay with the strategic complexity of a tower defense game. In this unique experience, players construct their fortress using falling blocks, each endowed with distinct defensive capabilities. They must then strategically position knights and defensive machinery to thwart relentless waves of adversaries.

The game unfolds as you engage in a castle-building process, reminiscent of Tetris, where you assemble your stronghold block by block, each piece possessing its own specialized defensive function. Once your formidable castle stands tall, you gain the ability to deploy an impressive arsenal of assets, including valiant knights, sharpshooting archers, and an array of formidable siege machines, each boasting its own unique abilities and paths for upgrades.

Rebel Twins has earned its reputation through previous successes like “Cookies Must Die,” which clinched the top spot at the 2020 Google Indie Games Festival, and the beloved action title series “Dragon Hills,” with both installments amassing over 10 million downloads. With “Castle Master TD,” they aspire to replicate these achievements once more.

Before getting your hands on the game on October 4, 2023, you can download and play the beta version of Castle Master TD via Google Play Store on Android and join the Testflight for iOS.

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