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CARRIEVERSE is a fresh casual open-world experience. Within this game, players dive into an expansive open world brimming with excitement, sharing exploration and adventure with fellow players from across the globe.

A highlight of the game lies in its collection of engaging mini-games, where players can challenge both friends and strangers worldwide to determine their prowess. Customization takes center stage as players curate their characters using a multitude of outfits, accessories, and emotes, showcasing their unique personalities. From crafting distinctive costumes to engaging in spirited mini-game competitions, the possibilities are boundless.

Home sweet home takes on a new meaning, with players able to design and decorate their abodes to their heart’s content, aiming to outshine fellow players. Hosting home-based celebrations is also an option, inviting friends to revel through the night. Venturing into the world unfolds wild escapades for thrill-seekers, while leisure activities like fishing yield rewards that unveil the joy of forging virtual connections transcending the digital realm.

Boasting captivating graphics and immersive visuals, CARRIEVERSE elevates in-game experiences. With boundless freedom and personalized enjoyment at the forefront, the game encourages players to indulge themselves just the way they desire. Social features woven into the gameplay enhance friendships and offer heartwarming interactions across the global player community.

CARRIEVERSE is now accessible on Android and iOS devices in selected regions. Players within these regions can hop over to the Google Play Store and App Store to secure their download.

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