Brown Dust 2

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Download Brown Dust 2. Neowiz is close to release its latest game, Brown Duest 2. This game is the sequel of the turn-based RPG Brown Dust 1. From January 10-17, 2023, mobile gamers can participate in the Brown Dust 2 Early Access Test. Remember to complete a post-test survey, players will automatically be entered into a special Brown Dust 2 raffle to win one of 20 Google Play gift cards or Apple gift cards.

Brown Dust2 is 2D mobile game RPG that immerses players in a fantastic world. We don’t know so much about the game yet, but it seems to be very crafted and polished. It has an interesting premise: Players will be whisked back in time to tap into wistful memories of days gone yet thrilled by a modern take on the console cartridge system.

Each cartridge features a character’s exciting journey through the multiverse. These “what if” scenarios offer viewers a unique experience that separates the action within each character’s main story arc.

What about the beta test? During the test, players will be able to check out the innovative new “cartridge system” that allows them to play through various events spread throughout several genres. You can get more updates and news in their official website or social networks.

Update: Brown Dust 2 is finally live.

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