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BOKURA (Wataru Fuyu no Bokura) is a two-player co-op only puzzle adventure title developed by Kodansha Games Creator’s Lab is now available on Android, iOS, Switch, and PC via Steam. The game was previously in Steam early access and is now available in English, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese languages and supports cross play.

Players will be two boys who have run away from home, and will work together to overcome the wall and aim for “somewhere far away”.  They both pass out after some time and wake up to realize that one of them is seeing the world of animals and the other the world of machines. They must now work together and find out why did this happen and figure out ways to return to the original world.

In a captivating twist, players will collaborate while witnessing distinct visual landscapes on their screens. One participant will be immersed in a realm abundant with lush forests and animated creatures, while their counterpart will explore a mechanized world populated by robots. Effective communication is paramount as players exchange information about their unique perspectives, jointly strategizing to conquer intricate puzzles.

Although character placement remains consistent for both players, intriguingly, one character may appear as an animal to one participant and as a robot to the other. This duality of perception adds a layer of complexity to the gameplay, necessitating synchronized decision-making to surmount challenges.

BOKURA is a puzzle adventure game and can only be played with two players. The game has no single-player or local co-op and in order to play the game, two people must have the game on two different phones or platforms.

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