Blade of God II Orisols

Blade of God II Orisols Overview

Blade of God II: Orisols is TapTap exclusive hard-core Action-RPG. The game has a dark style and is the official sequel to the Blade of God series. In Blade of God II, players will have to become the greatest heroes. They will have the misery, sorrow, and mundane identity of mythology, adventuring through mysterious Nordic countries, fighting against the “sacrificers” who have lost their “destiny” and embarking on a journey of self-redemption.

In Blade of God II Orisols heroes will have to stand up against the dark forces to save their families. In addition, another notable character is Esther, a girl with a mysterious identity that promotes kindness and prevents brutality. This character will help Chaos escape from madness with a blade.

Gamers will be fighting with each different boss. Each boss will have its own fighting skills and to defeat them you must use your flexible skills. The setting of the story is the time before Ragnarok when the Nordic countries are surging with unknown undercurrents. Odin, the all-knowing, waged a war to seize the heroic spirits; Loki, the evil god, emerged from the deep darkness. Chaos the Destiny challenger, Esther the awakened Valkyrie, and Hela the banished goddess of Helheim, each with a different goal, ushered in the prologue of Ragnarok in this dark era.

We have 3 optional roles, 12 classes, and up to 100 kinds of skills that can be acquired. Weapons: Light and heavy, weapon transformation, the diversified combat system. Map exploration with unknown and randomness: Trespass, Corrupted Hand, Mimic monster, random portal, etc. And also a co-op play, players can team up with partners to challenge the Boss.

Blade of God II Orisols is on Beta stage, we can pre-register on TapTap for free. There is no release date.

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Blade of God II Orisols

Blade of God II Orisols Announced

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