Blackstone Legend

Blackstone Legend is a highly enjoyable business simulation game where players take on the role of an adventurous merchant who inherits a legacy from their grandfather—a small town.
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Jun 28, 2024
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Blackstone Legend offers a highly enjoyable business simulation experience where players become an adventurous merchant tasked with revitalizing a small town inherited from their grandfather. Dive into this captivating game and take on the challenge of transforming a modest settlement into a bustling hub of commerce and adventure.

Revitalize Your Town

As the new owner of a small town, your mission is to breathe new life into it. Venture into the wilderness to mine resources and craft weapons and equipment. Sell your creations to adventurers of various races, earning substantial fortunes that you can reinvest into upgrading the town. Manage your resources wisely to foster growth and prosperity.

Crafting and Commerce

In Blackstone Legend, managing a weapon shop is just the beginning. Craft eight top-tier artifacts and provide adventurers with the best equipment available. Your success as a merchant depends on your ability to meet the demands of your customers and maintain a steady flow of high-quality goods.

Expand and Explore

The game features highly realistic wilderness exploration, complete with day-night cycles and seasonal variations. Train employees, recruit adventurers, and explore broader maps to expand your adventure territory. Collect treasures and solve puzzles as you delve deeper into the magical world of Blackstone Legend.

Engaging Gameplay

Experience the thrill of treasure hunts, crafting history, and managing a thriving business. Blackstone Legend combines the excitement of exploration with the satisfaction of building and growing a successful enterprise.

Join the adventure and prove your mettle as a legendary merchant in Blackstone Legend. Download now and start crafting your own legacy!


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