Black Stella Ptolomea

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Black Stella Ptolomea is a new turn-based RPG developed by Cyberstep and ScopeNext, now available for pre-registration in Japan. Scheduled for a release later this summer, the game marks a revitalization of the Black Stella IP, following the discontinuation of its original title’s services.

Set in the year 2049, the narrative centers around Tobi, a prominent figure leading a dedicated task force assigned to combat the perilous anomaly that emerged in the Minato ward. In this future, such task forces have become a commonplace response to the constant menace of otherworldly creatures, and the story provides glimpses into their daily routines, missions, and personal challenges.

The core gameplay involves assembling a team of five characters, with three actively participating in combat while two remain in reserve. Each turn is strategically deployed to command units in unleashing basic attacks or deploying specialized skills and abilities that unlock as the game progresses. Notably, an elemental system and a robust gear mechanism contribute to the depth of the gameplay. Moreover, players can harness a super attack that amplifies in potency through accumulated power and abilities employed during combat.

Character and gear advancement is facilitated by investing experience items and specific materials, allowing players to raise levels and ascend their characters to new heights.

Pre-registration is open on the official Black Stella Ptolomea website. Alternatively, interested players can stay informed through the game’s official Twitter account for updates and announcements.

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