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Black Moon is a new mobile action RPG from developer PlayPark. The studio has officially launched pre-registrations for its upcoming game, a captivating anime gacha aRPG with a darker ambiance.

Black Moon stands out as a particularly intriguing gacha game, distinguished by the absence of any existing intellectual property anchoring it. Instead of being based on an anime series or a spin-off from another game, Black Moon is an entirely original project, aiming to immerse players in a distinctive edgy atmosphere while introducing them to a cast of vibrant characters and exhilarating 3D action.

Despite limited information currently available about Black Moon, a brief reveal trailer has showcased stunning combat sequences, teasing players with the game’s action RPG elements. Drawing comparisons to titles like Punishing Grey Raven in terms of gameplay mechanics is not out of the question, but the full extent of the game’s mechanics remains to be unveiled.

While many aspects of the game’s narrative and gameplay are yet to be disclosed, the artwork featured in the trailer provides a glimpse into the world design of this gacha RPG. With characters donning dark black suits and an overall moody ambiance within the backgrounds, Black Moon appears to be embracing a uniquely darker aesthetic. This distinctiveness is sure to captivate players, and it hints at the potential for a gripping and compelling storyline that matches the game’s atmospheric setting.

As anticipation builds for Black Moon’s release, fans can look forward to a thrilling anime gacha aRPG experience that dares to venture into the shadows, promising colorful characters, enthralling action, and an intriguing world filled with darker undertones.

PlayPark is a good studio, they are the devs of PlayPark StreetBallers, which is a basketball game we really like.

If you’re located within Indonesia, Vietnam, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, or Malaysia, you can pre-register for this brand new aRPG at the official website right now.

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