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Download Black Desert Mobile for Android and iPhone. A solid version of this game, adapted for the mobile gaming market from the PlayStation and the desktop version. This massively multiplayer online RPG is an open world action game, available for free on the Google Play and Apple Store platforms.

This is a game which founds its charm on exploring the map and carrying out missions, with the same gameplay in the console editions and a detailed customization of the heroes. Users have five character classes with different abilities: giant, mage, valkyrie, ranger, and warrior. After choosing the hero we can edit the physical aspects to our liking.

The editor is extensive and we will be able to choose even the smallest detail, such as eye color, eyebrows, hair, constitution, height, among other characteristics. A powerful tool we can find in the best RPG games.

In Black Desert Mobile we can see beautiful landscapes as we already appreciated in the original game, but these come with greatly improved graphics and realism. It also includes updated maps, as well as life content such as taming and fishing. We will be able to expand and manage our own field, as well as have pets and horses to accompany us on this adventure.

We will be able to do tasks and missions that other characters in the game entrust us to earn respect in the city. The open world concept of this game is one of its attractions, because you can spend hours exploring the map, although it is easy to get disoriented at times. The map is divided into zones, although the isometric view of the game does not enrich the viewing experience.

Of course, if you are a fan of gigantic territories to explore, surely you will not find a bigger one on Android. The graphic level is impressive, but that also means we need a capable phone. With at least 2 GB of memory if we want to have a smooth experience. We need some space too, the game may get up to 5 GB.

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