Black Clover M launches for iOS and Android

Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King, the much-awaited mobile RPG adaptation of the anime series Black Clover, has been officially released on mobile devices. In this 3D gacha RPG, players can immerse themselves in a playable rendition of the manga and anime series’ narrative, featuring iconic scenes recreated in delightful 3D visuals. The game not only offers a faithful adaptation of the main storyline but also provides a wealth of additional content to captivate long-time fans.

Black Clover M has likely been eagerly anticipated by enthusiasts of the series since its initial announcement, making the release a cause for celebration. Beyond the direct adaptation of the series’ main narrative, players will engage in turn-based combat reminiscent of traditional JRPG series. The game features beloved characters from the series, each equipped with unique skill sets, allowing players to assemble teams comprising their favorite characters.

Black Clover M launches for iOS and Android

A nice feature in Black Clover M that adds to the overall enjoyment is the option to play the game in either the English dub or the Japanese dub—a rarity in the realm of mobile games.

At launch, Black Clover M will host various events, providing early bird rewards such as premium currency for character summons and free upgrade materials. Seize the opportunity to join from the beginning, participate in these events, and embark on your journey of team building.

To kickstart your adventure, the game is available for free download on Android or iOS.

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