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Bibots, an upcoming roguelike game from the publisher Plug In Digital Games and developer SquareSquid, draws inspiration from bullet hell twin-stick shooters. Set to release as a premium title on iOS and Android is currently available for pre-orders.

In Bibots, players take on the role of Tayar, an unexpected hero in the world of Takaful. To protect the realm from relentless hordes of enemies, players must first choose their weaponry before diving into battle. As the journey unfolds, players can acquire additional abilities, aiding in the relentless defeat of their foes.

A key aspect of Bibots is the ability to transform into powerful mechanical creatures called Bibots. Each Bibot offers distinct strengths to cater to various playstyles. However, players must gather enough energy to summon them, preventing overreliance. Through repeated summonings, players can establish an affinity with the Bibots, unlocking new attack variants to bolster their offensive capabilities.

Tayar’s skills are further honed over time, as players gather experience. Players can invest in three branches – survivalist, soldier, and scientist, each providing unique passives to enhance his abilities and forge stronger connections with the diverse Bibots. Additionally, players have the freedom to customize their weapons by equipping them with various chips obtained from merchants or through exploration during each run.

It looks like a really fun action game which players can enjoy with a good touch control layout. It is not free, but isn’t expensive either, it is worth a shot.

Pre-order Bibots now on the App Store and Google Play, and prepare for its action-packed release on August 28th.

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