Aura Kingdom 2 Evolution

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Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution is a new entry in the popular franchise Aura Kingdom from X-Legend Entertainment Studio (Taiwan). The game still remains an MMORPG, but with fully revamped gameplay, apparently. The game’s intricate Talent System has been significantly tweaked, offering a brand-new experience through four customizable class styles.

Let’s start with the Dragoon, a close-range warrior skilled in wielding hefty two-handed spears and halberds. Those who adopt this class can harness their inner strength to diminish incoming damage, striking a harmonious balance between offense and defense. The Dragoon embodies a versatile hero, boasting both formidable attack prowess and commendable defensive capabilities.

In sharp contrast, we have the Shinobi, a master of swift dual-blade assassinations executed with lightning speed. This deadly class also employs poisonous techniques to exploit an adversary’s vulnerabilities, rendering them a formidable and lethal force. Meanwhile, the Nymphs opt for a more ranged approach, dispatching lethal arrows with deadly accuracy, regardless of the distance.

Last but not least, we introduce the Elementalists, living up to their name by wielding formidable spellcasting abilities. Instead of conventional weapons, these mages conjure elemental forces to assail foes. Skillfully leveraging the unique attributes of various elements grants a distinct advantage on the battlefield.

Within each class, a realm of customization awaits. While paths for class transitions are available, players can seamlessly tailor their chosen path to align with their preferences. Whether enhancing damage output or prolonging enemy incapacitation, every attribute can be fine tuned using the versatile talent system.

Currently, Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution is available to pre-register on both the App Store and Google Play. As an added incentive, an array of valuable rewards, including Eidolon gacha tickets, diamonds, stylish outfits, graceful wings, and majestic mounts, are offered to those who join the pre-registration.

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