Astral Survivor

The latest installment in the "Astral Stairways" series by Firedog Studio! This survival-type game emphasizes diverse combat styles and responsive gameplay, providing an exhilarating and seamless battle experience.
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Jun 8, 2024
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Firedog Studio has unveiled Astral Survivor, the newest addition to the acclaimed Astral Stairways series. This survival-type mobile game offers an exhilarating and seamless battle experience, emphasizing diverse combat styles and responsive gameplay.

In Astral Survivor, players embark on a brand-new storyline set within the “Astral Stairways” universe. The mission is to save the goddess Kala, who has been separated from the Starblade hero and pulled into the mysterious “Realm of Black Mulberry.” To prevent the world from being consumed by void monsters, players must summon powerful followers and annihilate countless enemies.

– The game ensures fluid movements and actions, allowing players to face hordes of enemies without any slowdown. The combat system is designed for seamless and dynamic battles.

– Summon over ten followers from the “Astral Stairways” series, each with unique skills. Players can experiment with various skill combinations to explore diverse combat styles, adding depth to the gameplay.

– The strategic skill tree upgrade system lets players plan their skill points wisely. Random draws can yield advantageous skills, enabling players to create the most powerful character builds.

– Simple and intuitive movement controls offer different combat interpretations for each character. The game supports one-handed controls, allowing players to showcase impressive combat skills effortlessly.

– Players can explore richly detailed maps and large dungeons, uncovering hidden treasures and secrets within. The exploration aspect adds an adventurous element to the game.

– The immersive storyline follows the goddess Kala as she navigates the perilous Realm of Black Mulberry. Players must help her survive in this endless battlefield, reminiscent of purgatory.

– “Astral Survivor” is available in English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese, making it accessible to a broad audience.

Astral Survivor” is available for free download on mobile devices, with optional in-app purchases to enhance the gaming experience. Dive into this thrilling new chapter and join the battle to save the goddess and the world from impending doom.



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