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Astral Quester is a new ARPG game available on Beta stage in TapTap. Step into the shoes of an interstellar explorer within the vast Cerulia system, a dominion ruled by interplanetary corporations. Our story unfolds in a remote galaxy where Betelgeuse Interstellar, a colossal interplanetary conglomerate, has erected a Dyson Sphere and established Gamma Jet tunnels, effectively supplanting world governments and ruthlessly subjugating the denizens of each planet.

Astral Quester is an RPG where you will play the role of an interstellar explorer to recruit, train, and fight. Embark on adventures with the Astrals — young girls who have undergone ancient Alpha civilization tech militarization under the “technology guidance” provided by the interplanetary conglomerate.

With multiple unique characters to recruit, animations, and a talented voice acting cast bringing them to life. In Cerulia, you will encounter Astopods, highly intelligent beings seemingly evolved from snails, along with Binarians and Trinarians, two robotic species which have been waging years zof war due to their different ways of computation. Perhaps, you will get a chance to witness the dawn of silicon-based life. Engage in thrilling adventures, confront the conglomerate, and uncover the secrets of the ancient civilizations and Betelgeuse Interstellar itself.

Astral Quester is available on TapTap for Android (no news about an iOs version) and PC via Steam.

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