ASTRA: Knights of Veda


ASTRA: Knights of Veda is a multiplayer online roleplaying game (MORPG) that will be available for PC and mobile devices later this year. The game is developed by FLINT and published by THYBE and its subsidiary HYBE IM.

ASTRA: Knights of Veda is a story-rich and visually stunning dark fantasy action RPG game. The game just looks amazing. The screens seems to be from the PC version, so let’s hope the mobile editions looks so nice too.

“Once a thriving world, Planis teeters on the edge of oblivion due to the tyrannical rule of the mad king, Magnus. An army raised to free the masses from the madness of Magnus was met with the event that would doom them all. A giant tree of death rose from the ground, causing those within its deadly bloom to consume the flesh of their allies, and others to burst into monstrous beasts.”

Flint invested six years in crafting “ASTRA: Knights of Veda” a dark fantasy action RPG. Flint aims to create “ASTRA: Knights of Veda” as an epic work of global 2D, expressing a vast universe and story with over 200 full voice cutscenes. They strive to achieve a flawless game that is fun for everyone and plan to launch it simultaneously worldwide across multiple platforms, including PC and mobile.

The game looks like a promising RPG with a lot of options and scenarios. You can watch the Astra Youtube Trailer. Stay tuned for more news to come.

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