Aster Tatariqus (Tatarix)

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Aster Tatariqus is a sRPG from Studio FgG coming in 2023. The game is a 3D hero-collection, Strategy RPG set in a fantasy world. A multi-ending story where the story “branchs” depending on the player’s choice, each with a different ending.

The game is set on Aster Academy, a school ground with the goal of training mankind’s finest warriors to repel Barbaroy, a monstrous threat with the aims to destroy everything remaining to mankind, and erase it from memory.

The game will apparently feature several branching narratives, scenarios, and completion runs available to the player. The game apparently also apparently will have some connection to FgG studio’s Phantom of the Kill, but this connection has yet to be revealed.

There seems to be a mix in the game’s overall art-style and character model. Out in the world, the characters look similar to any modern JRPG games but during combat, the characters will turn into the all too familiar pixelated models you see in most gumi’s games.

“Choose your weapon (fate). The sword that opens the way is your lover (love), your friend (bond), or your family (fate).” The story of the successor who is entrusted with the mission to save the world, the weapon “Killers” that has the power to counter Barbaroy, and the scabbard “Vibes” that are a pair. Aster Tatariqus is set to launch in 2023 for iOS and Android devices.

gumi has announced that the pre-registration for its upcoming mobile game, Aster Tatariqus is now available on both the Google Play and Apple App Store.

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