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Tencent Games announced a new game on it’s annual SPARK conference: Ash Echoes. The game will be available on China, there isn’t a official release date yet.

Ash Echoes is an anime style real-time tactics game with character-collecting play focusing on tactical planning rather than operating. Ash Echoes constructs a youthful and brand-new world outlook and endows the well-known characters in Gujian world with new persona and identities, which will further expand the influence of Gujian Series, and enhance the brand value.

Ash Echoes invites players to assume the pivotal position of CEO within Ash Technology, immersing them in a captivating narrative filled with a vibrant array of individuals boasting intriguing personas. To safeguard against unforeseen perils and unravel the enigmatic upheaval pervading the cosmos, players must forge alliances with an assortment of coordinators hailing from diverse realms.

In the game, players can think about tactical strategies, explore and clear levels, collect characters in an immersive experience.

The final release date of Ash Echoes hasn’t been announced by Tencent yet. There is a Beta you can check on the game website.

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Ash Echoes: Announced

  • China
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