Anna’s Monster Farm: BEGINS

Raise monsters on your farm and take revenge on humans!
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Jun 5, 2024
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Game Overview: Anna’s Monster Farm: BEGINS

Step into the eerie yet charming world of “Anna’s Monster Farm: BEGINS,” an engaging simulation game for Android. Raise monsters on your farm and take revenge on humans in this casual farm tycoon adventure.

In “Anna’s Monster Farm: BEGINS,” you have the freedom to customize your monster farm any way you like. Design and build your farm to reflect your unique style, combining spooky and adorable elements. Grow a variety of charming monster pals, each with their own distinct personalities, to help you manage and expand your farm.

Expansion is key in this game. Seize land from humans to grow your farm and become the ultimate monster farm owner. As you expand, your farm will brim with crows, scarecrows, and a host of delightful monsters.

– Freedom: Customize your monster farm to your heart’s content.
– Personality: Raise and nurture a variety of charming and spooky monsters.
– Expansion: Take land from humans and grow your farm empire.

Join the fun now at “Anna’s Monster Farm: BEGINS” and create your own unique monster-filled paradise. Download today and start your journey in this delightful blend of cute and spooky farming!


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