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Download Among Us for your Android or iPhone. The game that exploded two years after its appearance. Among Us reached great popularity during the generalized quarantine in the world, due to the coronavirus pandemic. An unthinkable level of success for this InnerSloth title, which combines strategy and randomness as attractiveness.

En Among Us, which was released in 2018, has had a great impact in recent months, so much so that it exceeded even the expectations of its developers. This party and survival game, a crew of astronauts is on their ship and they must collaborate with each other to repair all the flaws that appear, and as we solve them, we will be presented with simple minigames.

But not everything is so simple, because in our crew we will have one or more impostors who will seek to sabotage our ship.

The crew must be made up of at least four players, maximum 10. All will have tasks assigned, very simple such as passing a card in a reader, cleaning the ship’s equipment, taking out the garbage, etc .; As the crew members carry out their respective tasks – and it is important that everyone does them – we will find out that there is an imposter, and the main objective of the game is to discover who it is that wants to sabotage the ship.

The games of Among Us take place in one of the three spaceships or maps that are available in a fairly adequate interface. Two of the 10 players will have the role of impostors. The impostor will win if he manages to assassinate all the crew members without their having suspected him and for this he will have some special mechanics such as hiding in conduits to fulfill his mission.

While the victory of the game will go to the crew if they discover the impostor and banish him from the ship; however, it can also be defeated in the game if a player completes his tasks before the assassin kills all of the crew.

If one of the crew observes something suspicious or finds the body of a colleague, he may request an emergency meeting with the colleagues to report it. Players will automatically meet to discuss the reported, via text messages for a limited time, before everyone returns to their duties. The impostors must continue with their plan to pose as crew members, while they seek to discover who is lying.

When the evidence is put on the table, the players will vote for who they think the imposter may be. The most voted will be eliminated and expelled from the ship, and thus it will be known what his true role was. The games will end if the crew manage to complete all their tasks or expel the impostors among the suspects; If the impostors are equal in number with the crew, they will win.

As you can see, Among Us does not have a great complexity and perhaps that is where some of its criticisms lie, because as a whole it is a simple game and there are users who do not think they do not have the role of impostor, long the character more interesting game.

However, the interaction between its players, the meetings, the voting, the suspicions and innuendo add intrigue to this simple format and make the games attractive.

This popular game requires iOS 10.0 or later for all apple users, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is age-rated for ages 9 and up and features in-game purchases ranging from $ 2 to $ 3. Meanwhile, Android users require version 4.4 or later of their operating system to enjoy Among Us.

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