AlternaVvelt Blue Exorcist AS

"Show me... Show me a new story only you can create
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May 8, 2024
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AlternaVvelt Blue Exorcist AS invites players to immerse themselves in the dark fantasy world of Blue Exorcist in a brand-new 3D Action RPG. Become an Exorcist and explore True Cross Academy Town, engaging in a unique story only you can create.

About the Game

A New Story Unfolds Experience a completely new tale from the world of Blue Exorcist, featuring a fully voiced main story where you are the central character. This game introduces a fresh narrative with new characters designed by Kazue Kato, the creator of Blue Exorcist.

Explore True Cross Academy Town Delve into the richly detailed world of True Cross Academy Town, faithfully recreated from the original series. As an Exorcist for the Knights of the True Cross, you will complete various missions and uncover the mysteries of this dark fantasy realm.

Eye-Popping 3D Action Engage in thrilling 3D action, using Skills and Arcana to perform spectacular moves. Master the Demonic Elements to gain an advantage in battles, making each encounter both strategic and visually stunning.

Multiplayer Challenges Team up with friends and guild members to take on powerful bosses and challenging missions. Cooperation and strategy are key to overcoming the toughest enemies in the game.

Customize Your Space Design your own room and interact with friends and characters in-game. Personalize your space and visit other players’ rooms, adding a social dimension to your adventure.

Incredible Voice Acting The game features an impressive lineup of voice actors, including Jun Fukuyama, Kana Hanazawa, Yuki Kaji, and many more, bringing the story and characters to life.

Join the adventure in AlternaVvelt Blue Exorcist AS and become part of a new story in the world of Blue Exorcist. The journey awaits—are you ready to take on the challenge?


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