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Download Alpha Ace from Garena International II. Alpha Ace it is on the open beta stage for Android. The game is developed by Garena International II and did receive a good reception from players.

Alpha ace is a 5v5 PVP Arena Combat. It is a very fast-paced action tactical shooter game with a lot of guns and around 10 variable maps. The gameplay is highly tactical, the whole motive behind the game is to forge team spirit and defeat the enemy as a squad.

The game, Alpha Ace offers a very customizable outlay for the game as well. You can customize not only your guns in the game but also have a plethora of options to customize the way you play as well.

The game is all but set to launch its open beta now on Android with its closed beta launch taking place last year in December. Alpha Ace has a lot to offer to their fans when it comes to in-game content.

The game ha several modes: Demolition Clash 5v5, This will feature a classic search and destroy 5v5 sort of gameplay. Team clash 5v5, This will feature a classic deathmatch where each kill will award a point. Arms Race: This will be a solo free for all sort of match where each kill will upgrade your gun. Challenge mode: This will be a PvE where there will be a single enemy.

The game will be available through Google Play.

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