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Aether Gazer, an anime-themed, action-RPG, set in a sci-fi dystopian world is coming soon to Android and iOS devices. Aether Gazer is an action RPG game that has just gone through several Closed Beta rounds in China. This is the latest game from the China-based developer Yongshi, who is also the development team behind the rather famous Azur Lane project.

In Aether Gazer players form a team of 3 female members to participate in real-time action combat, the game will focus on improving the player’s combat experience and skills. . The beautiful female characters will have an anime style, this is definitely the biggest improvement for fans of the Azur Lane series.

In Aether Gaze, the player must collaborate with the other two AI in the game to defeat the enemies. The control is similar to other 3D ARPG gameplay, with free combos that you can use to increase your character’s damage. There are hardcore bosses waiting to challenge you. The game also incorporates a unique level mechanism, skill design, and a variety of other features to provide a more exciting battle experience.

The main limitation is that you can only control a single character in the match, in addition, you can only assign the remaining 2 positions to the AI ​​to take over. What you can do with them is activate the skill as soon as they are ready. It is not known if the game will change at launch or not. The player’s task is to complete the main plot chapters to unlock newer chapters, or many other attractive features in the game. The game brings a Stylish Combat system similar to single-player hack and slash games to stimulate players to practice and perform beautiful attacks.

The game mode is quite challenging such as participating in super boss sub-subs, holy realms, strange virtual worlds, etc. The good point of the game is the team-combat style of 3 people, and if you want to be strong, you need to upgrade evenly. for group members. Search and collect materials for both equipment, weapons, and skills.

Although the gacha mechanism is still sketchy, the preliminary count of female characters will have up to 24 different characters including many levels. Allowing players to freely choose and collect, each female character has a different unique design and personality. The game promises to be released soon in the summer of 2022 to compete with the super hacks Honkai Impact 3rd, Punishing: Gray Raven, etc.

Aether Gazer will be supported on iOS and Android, and will be released in North America, Europe, and SEA. The release date is set for Q4 2022. Pre-register now to unlock numerous rewards for ALL players, including a Limited Outfit.

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