9 Dreams

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May 22, 2024
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Immerse yourself in the world of 9 Dreams—a fantasy MMORPG featuring a colorful open world, a fascinating plot, vibrant characters, and thrilling PvP and PvE battles.

The continent of Fairyland is under siege by demonic creatures. Only the great hero, trained for many years, can stop the invasion and avenge the murder of his parents, despite not having the gift of immortality. Take on the role of this brave hero and venture into the world of 9 Dreams to end the demonic outrages once and for all.

The world of 9 Dreams is filled with stunning places, with incredible detail and bright effects that make battles and exploration mesmerizing. Create a hero from one of the four unique classes available in the game, and personalize them with various costumes and decorations. Let your imagination run wild.

Equip your hero with a vast array of gear that can be improved or newly collected. Boost your combat power with artifacts, pets, amulets, and wings, and even inherit the power of ancient gods, transforming mid-battle! By completing unique tasks, you can upgrade your character’s class, unlocking new skills and equipment, and opening up new battle opportunities.

Embark on adventures through numerous story and side quests, engaging in epic PvE battles. For a greater challenge, tackle dungeons and cross-server bosses with your comrades. Prefer PvP? Enjoy modes like 1v1 battles and guild clashes. Team up with friends in a guild, form squads for battles, or make new friends for exciting adventures. The game even features a wedding function, allowing you to throw a party and venture into an exclusive dungeon with unique rewards!

Participate in a variety of daily activities and limited-time events to earn big rewards. Use the event calendar to keep track of upcoming events.



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