5 Cooking Games for Android and iPhone

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Download the best Cooking Games and restaurant for Android and iPhone. Bring culinary art to your mobile phone screen with this selection.

If you are a fan of cooking and casual games, this selection of games will got you cover. Very fun games, easy to learn and especially free for Android and iPhones. Cooking is a very popular activity, although not entirely easy.

There is a whole industry behind the kitchen, from obtaining resources, its distribution, until it reaches the kitchens and your dish. Some of these games simulate that entire chain of operation while others just take care of putting you in front of a pot and your ingredients.

Good Pizza Great Pizza

In this game We can have our own pizzeria and have the responsibilities that a business demands. In this management title, we must comply with orders on time, have a good management of resources and invest the money well.


Good Pizza Great Pizza stands out in the graphics section. The game has “cartoon” style with very well achieved drawings, although a somewhat opaque color palette. Each character or visitor who passes through our shop has a characteristic design and are very well animated.

The game has progression, we can improve our local with the winnings. For example, invest in expanding the place to serve more people, look for better ingredients to unlock new pizza recipes and increase the quality of these. Or buy better equipment to be able to cook faster.

Cooking Mama!

Lots of fun. Cooking Mama! It brings us over 30 different recipes, many minigames and all restaurant management. In this game we can control the entire chain of work that involves having a restaurant. From growing the vegetables we’re going to use for cooking to taking care of the country animals that will give us resources for our recipes.


Cooking Mama! has a very particular and attractive graphic style. The colors stand out for their intensity, the animations are good, the design of the dishes and the restaurant are very accomplished. It’s a simple game, but it gains complexity as we go along. It includes many minigames as one more option and is free on the Google Play Store and the App Store in the cooking games category.

My Cafe: Recipes and Stories

In My Cafee Recipes and Stories for Android you have to manage a small café restaurant and grow it to success. Simple at first, it’s gaining complexity as we move forward in history and grow our small business.


The key to this game is money management and the ability to run a business. A game with educational, albeit quite fictional. Our coffee starts as a pretty small place and full of problems, but with a lot of potential. As we progress, more people with more money will arrive, which will help us expand the space, hire new employees, try better recipes, more beautiful decorations and more.

Cooking Diary

This game takes us to Tasty Hills, culinary capital of the world. City where we must test our skills in the kitchen. Here we can manage many restaurants, create new dishes and recipes. Improve each food store to earn more and more customers and resources.


We can modify our chef in appearance, there are many options of costume items and accessories. This is a very simple game, which focuses more on the social aspect. Recipes are fine, but they’re still a small part within all that are included. Here it is more important to manage the places than the kitchen itself.

Cooking Joy 2

If you want to become the chef with the best restaurant in the world this is your place. Cooking Joy 2 is a resource management game. Cute game wherever you see it, attracts a lot at the graphics level, looks amazing and has many challenges.


Price: Free+

Here we can visit different types of restaurants: from cafes to restaurants with large kitchens. That adds variety to recipes. In some we have to comply with only burgers and fries, while in others we have to make more complex dishes.

We must take special care in the management of time, not all dishes delay the same, nor use the same portions and ingredients. So, you have to be vigilant. Graphically it is quite nice, although it can saturate a little by its color palette.

Bonus: Tasty Town

And one more. Tasty Town allows us to control the entire supply chain. Here we can produce our own ingredients and take them to the kitchen. We have at our disposal chefs from all over the world who prepare delicious dishes with which to attract customers.


In the game we can prepare from burgers, pizza or sushi, to a cake or cupcakes. But there are also times when they order gourmet dishes. There is a lot of public and with a lot of variety. We can level up our chefs to gain better skills and learn new recipes.

This is more of a management game than cooking itself, but it’s a lot of fun and brings some challenges in between, so it assures us quite a few hours of fun.

All cooking games are free to download

Don’t be scared to cook! with these games you have ensured hours of healthy entertainment on your phone and especially in front of the kitchen. You will learn new recipes, run a business and how the culinary world works at all its levels. From where we get the resources until they reach your plate of food.

Not only cooking and learning, but also managing. Resource games, of this particular genre, have a didactic meaning and are quite recommended for those who want to know more about this world.

All are free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple Mac Store.

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