5 Best Educational Game Apps for Kids on Android and iPhone


Download a selection of the best educational games for kids available on Android and iPhone for free.

If you are looking for games for your kids at home, games where they can entertain themselves and at the same time learn, this is a list with 5 games that will serve both objectives. The number of educational games on Apple’s Google Play Store and App Store is extensive, however it can be difficult to find suitable apps and games. Or that they are not full of advertising.

Math games

This is one of the best math games for kids and adults. Available in several languages, it includes games of addition, subtraction, multiplication, multiplication tables. Also division operations and dividing tables.
Difficulty levels are very varied. They can be easy for younger children. But also a bit more demanding for the olders.

Math Games

The game is designed to train your brain, including boys, girls and boys, adults, including parents and grandparents. It is optimized for all types of mobile phones and also tablets. Another plus point is that you don’t need an internet connection. It’s free for Android phones.


Silabando is an app designed to improve school learning in children between the ages of 4 and 7. It is a very interactive application that helps in the development of children’s language. Among its characteristics it brings with it direct and locked syllables (simple and complex) uppercase, lowercase and italics.


Price: Free+
Price: Free

Show examples of the word and picture in each syllable. Likewise, many related and fun activities for memorization and pronunciation of each syllable. In the application we can complete the word with the correct syllable. Listen to the syllable and try to figure out what is correct. Also break a word into syllables and click on the correct image. Finally, we can do a count of how many syllables a word has. An application full of options for those who seek to reinforce the language in minors.

Connect Me – Logic Puzzle

Connect Me is a logic game for Android phones. In this game we must connect all the blocks, either by moving or rotating them. It includes 6 types of blocks and a total of 600 levels with different difficulty. As we progress, each level will become more difficult and demanding.

Connect Me

The game has a very nice and attractive user interface. Easy to understand. The game modes are very intuitive. It does not have a time limit. In Connect Me we will have different types of blocks, each with its own characteristic and color. For example, blue blocks can be rotated but not moved, oranges can be rotated and put anywhere, green blocks can be placed in different places but not rotated, among others. This is a very well done game that demands our best skills. Free on Android phones.

Masha and the Bear – Educational Games

Masha is one of the most popular children’s TV shows today. In Masha and the Bear – Educational Games, we will have a variety of minigames for the kids at home. Within the minigames we will have some to color patterns with characters and events from the series, a word search to find the names of characters among other words, the guessing of silhouettes to improve visual perception and memory.

Masha and the Bear

This is a game not very different from many others in the genre, or a school assignment, but with the appeal of using the characters from the Masha and the Bear series, as well as settings, animations and even music, so it is super attractive for the kids.

The television series is a success, with themes about friendship, responsibility and justice, this is a good opportunity to take advantage of the well-known characters in an application that offers more than just a moment of relaxation. Masha and the Bear Educational Games is available for free on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Educational Games. Memory

12 games to develop memory and retentive capacity, special for kids from 3 to 10 years old. Each of these games looks to help your child process information and put recognition memory into practice through simple and fun exercises.

Educational Games Memory

In this selection of exercises you can develop recognition and memory skills. Remember and detect different objects in an image. Identify the clear relationship between objects and professions. Associate the different elements in the rooms of a house. Retain a visual image in short-term memory. Stimulate and enhance the capacity for observation and attention. Differentiate the musical sounds and associate them with different instruments.

The game has 3 levels of difficulty. Easy: Ideal for beginners, especially for babies and kids at an early age. Medium: Perfect for those children who are already familiar with the game. Difficult: Suitable for kids who have managed to solve each game quickly and don’t need supervision of parents or teachers to solve them.

More Educational Games

If you want to see more educational games, check out our category: Educational Games for mobile phones. Keep in mind that many of these games are free and aimed at children between 3 and 10 years old. The time they spend in front of the phone must be regulated by an adult. As well as the supervision of the applications and games that they download.

Some of these games include in-app purchases, so vigilance is required when using them. Also, they can include advertising sections, campaigns, various advertisements. Therefore, it is recommended to monitor the content of these, since they may not be the most suitable for children of this age.

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