Completely new original title “18TRIP” brought to you by Liber Entertainment and Pony Canyon (Eitri)
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May 22, 2024
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18TRIP is a “hospitality adventure” set in Yokohama’s “HAMA 18 Ward” in the near future, centered around the theme of travel.

Once a leading tourist destination in Japan, HAMA District 18 is now in decline. The protagonist, born and raised in HAMA, joins the travel agency “HAMA Tours” as a chief to help rebuild the tourism industry, with the support of his childhood friend Daikoku Kawai. Plan package tours with the unique mayors of each ward and work towards revitalizing the tourism sector. The main story is fully voiced, including the main character, providing an immersive experience.

In the near future, everyone is eager to travel. In Japan, where competition in the tourism industry is fierce, popular destinations operate as “independent special tourism zones.” HAMA Ward 18, once a prominent tourist zone, has fallen into decline. The main character, passionate about his hometown, strives to revive the tourism industry with the help of his childhood friend. The story features mysterious events and a strong theme of hospitality. Travel partners include tourism district leaders with their own secrets. Many events are recorded on cassette, preserving memories of unforgettable trips.

Set in Yokohama’s “HAMA 18 Ward” in the near future, the game features unique characters working in the tourism industry. It includes a map screen linked to real tourist spots and lively three-dimensional mini-characters. The story section showcases characters animated with Live2D technology.

Travel to your heart’s content with a fully voiced main story. The main character can be male or female, and unit songs are available for each chapter. The theme song is provided by Penthouse, a six-member twin “lead” vocal band from Tokyo.

Welcome tourists with unique mayors in a tower defense-style mini game where you place ward chiefs on the map to entertain tourists. Use the training trip function to collect souvenirs with your favorite pairs and manage the travel agency “HAMA Tours.” Keep a record of your real journey with the travel LOG function and enhance your experience with an AR camera for selfies with characters.

Recommended for Android OS14.0 or later, with 4GB or more RAM. Please note that operation may become unstable even in the recommended environment under certain conditions.


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